Elizabeth G. Glines –
Marketing & Business DevelopmentLiz Headshot

With over 30 years of professional, investment and legal experience, Liz manages the overall marketing and business development program for the law firm.

Prior to joining the Altman team, Liz served as Capital Trust Company of Delaware, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer where she lead promotion and sales efforts and was responsible for developing relationships with financial, legal advisors and strategic partners.  Her previous business experience includes serving as Vice President and Regional Sales Director for Voyageur Asset Management of Minnesota.  Liz was also formerly the Senior Systems Analyst and Director of Operations and Trading for Smith Barney’s Consulting Group in Wilmington, DE.

Liz serves as project manager on the firm’s infrastructure projects, including the development of Altman’s brand new office space in 2011 and implementation of new technology.   With extensive experience in customer relations, she is an enthusiastic member of the administrative team.

Liz lives in Potomac, Maryland with her husband Gary. She enjoys cooking, gardening, walking, interior design, reading and spends quality time with two labrador retrievers. Currently she serves as Co-Trustee of the Doris M. Carter Family Foundation.  She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Charleston.

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