Philanthropy & Public Service

Altman & Associates has long been associated with public service and philanthropy. We have a history of helping community and assisting in community service activities.  We encourage all of our attorneys to participate in charitable causes. In past and current years, in lieu of client gifts, the law firm has chosen to contribute to causes for the betterment of children:


Altman & Associates is committed to creating opportunities for lawyers and non-legal positions of diverse backgrounds.  We believe diversity makes Altman & Associates a better and more interesting place. There is zero tolerance for prejudice of any type.  We actively recruit, train and promote women and minority candidates.

Commitment to “Green”

The attorneys and staff at Altman & Associates are committed to having and maintaining a “green” lifestyle in the office environment.  We continue to encourage all staff to take the small steps necessary to positively help the environment. We recycle paper, use recycled paper products, eliminated water bottles for filtered watered, no styrofoam products are allowed and we try to use supplies and vendors that offer environmentally acceptable alternatives.  Of course, all of us can do better and we are committed to learning as new alternatives come to market.  Our recent renovation of new office space, May 2011 (Suite 708) was done with the environment in mind, Leed Certified.


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