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Altman & Associates Announces Formation of the Wise Family Law Division

Gary Altman, Esq. and Brian Wise, Esq. announced the formation of the  Wise Family Law Division of Altman & Associates starting January 1, 2018.

Gary and Brian both feel the practice of law is about expertly and professionally guiding families through the next chapter of their lives and that there is a natural connection between estate law and family law: Protecting families; maintaining family relationships, and preserving family assets.

Gary founded Altman & Associates over 20 +years ago with the belief that, in addition to outstanding legal expertise, estate planning requires earning each client’s trust and providing them with the utmost in personal service.

Gary and his team understand that estate planning is one of life’s most personal matters and that the generational implications of estate planning usually result in having a client for life. Altman & Associates stays in regular contact with their clients, reviewing the family’s needs whenever a change in law or planning strategy affects the client or the family. Although countless awards and accolades have been bestowed on the firm, the greatest satisfaction comes in the form of a note from a satisfied customer.

Brian has been practicing family law in Maryland and D.C. for 25 years and joins Altman & Associates from a successful regional family law firm where he was a Managing Partner. Brian’s overriding practice approach is to help individuals and families navigate through an emotionally difficult process while maintaining family relationships and preserving assets for the future.

Brian and his family law team believe that the best way to resolve a case is in the conference room through settlement talks, negotiation, and mediation. Although Brian and the family law division are experienced and skilled litigators and able to handle complex financial, support, property and custody matters, litigation is rarely if ever considered as either the first option or best option. Brian is a certified family law mediator, has served in the Court system as a trusted mediator for families in Maryland and D.C., and continues to provide private mediation services for couples and families as part of his practice.

Gary and Brian look forward to combining their considerable experience to provide the highest standard of estate law and family law services to each and every client.

The main offices of Altman & Associates and the Wise Family Law Division are located at 1300 Rockville Pike, Suite 708, Rockville, Maryland 20852. (301) 468.3220

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