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Janelle S. Straszheim, Esq

“Thoughtful development of your estate plan is one of the most important legacies to give your family.”

Janelle  Straszheim

Janelle S. Straszheim, Esq

Attorney Of Counsel

Some of my most gratifying legal accomplishments involve “changing the future” through thoughtful counsel; technical reworking of poorly written legal documents and the recognition that changed circumstances require creative implementation of old trust arrangements. My goal is to enable families to continue to share a Thanksgiving meal together, an opportunity lost for generations when disputes arise over estate matters.

Janelle started her career in law working with various Washington DC law firms, the National Tax office of Price Waterhouse Cooper and two years with the Private Bank of Bank of America. From 2002 until 2019 she served as the Chief Fiduciary Officer and Associate Counsel for Trust at Sandy Spring Trust, a division of Sandy Spring Bank.

A long- time colleague of Gary’s she joined the Altman Team in 2020. Janelle is an avid long distance horse racing and competitive Trail rider. She also plays an excellent game of golf and is a long- standing member of Congressional Country Club.

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