Are We in Your Wallet?

Advance planning is always important, but in ways we sometimes do not anticipate.  In our practice, after a client signs their estate planning documents, they are sign the back of one of our business cards, stating that they have appointed so and so to make medical decisions and that a copy of the documents is on file in our offices.  Late last year we did receive a phone call from a hospital, asking us for a copy of the client’s advance medical directive.  We immediately faxed this to the hospital, which allowed the client’s daughter to make important immediate medical decisions.

Today we received a  telephone call of an entirely different manner.  A client had lost her wallet.  The good stranger who found her wallet had no way to contact her until he saw the card we gave her in her wallet.  So, he called us, explained what happened, and we connected him with our client, who will get her wallet and important papers back.  Unanticipated, but incredibly important and helpful.  While you may be reluctant to put your own phone number in your wallet, there is absolutely no downside to putting my phone number in your wallet, and who knows, one day it may help to get your own wallet back!

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