Senator John McCain Called His Own Shots in Life and in Death

The nation has been mourning the passing of Senator John McCain, who recently lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 81.  Nicknamed “The Maverick,” for his determination and fighting spirit, McCain was known for standing up for what he believed in. Not one to mince words, McCain spoke his mind and, whether you agreed or disagreed with him, you always knew where he stood.

After his passing, the Arizona Senator’s clarity and vision were omnipresent as details of his funeral arrangements emerged.  It’s been widely reported that McCain planned many of the details of his memorial services, including hand-selecting the people he wished to deliver eulogies, music he wanted performed (and who he wanted to perform it), and, quite possibly, people he wanted to be excluded from the ceremonies altogether.

While the media and the public continue to debate the motivations and intended meaning behind the late Senator’s requests, the bottom line is that McCain took the time to make his wishes known.  To that end, he was able to call his own shots even after his passing…something that was obviously very important to him.

McCain’s involvement in the planning of his funeral serves as a reminder of the benefits of advanced planning. We will not all be afforded the time, mental capacity and/or physical strength to make decisions regarding our end-of-life decisions towards the end of our lives. The best time to plan is now, before an accident, before a terminal diagnosis, before someone else is responsible for making decisions on your behalf.

Whether you’re new to estate planning, or have an old estate plan that needs updating, contact us to schedule a consultation today. We want you to be able to call your own shots, in life and in death!

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