As Temps Rise, Nuclear Families Take a Dive – Estate Planning for Unconventional Families Has Never Been More Important

Among the many articles covering the blazing heat wreaking havoc on the DC metro area as well as much of the U.S., was an interesting piece in yesterday’s Washington Post on nuclear families.  According to the article, “Nuclear Family at Home in Northern Virginia,” new census figures show that marriage rates across the nation have plunged, while the number of unmarried partners with children has soared.

When it comes to unconventional families, the scenarios are endless:

-       If one or both of your parents remarry…What if your mother’s estate wound up in the hands of your stepbrother even though they were intended for you?

-       If you’ve long been divorced from your ex…How would you like your ex to inherit your property, your bank accounts and your retirement benefits despite the fact you willed them to your children?

-       If you’re gay, but not legally married…Would you like your assets to end up in the hands of your intolerant family members?

These are just a few of the unfortunate possible outcomes that can occur within unconventional families.

I urge you to read my article, “Divorce, Remarriage and Blended Families – An Estate Planning Wake-up Call”.

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