Lunch-n-Learns with Financial Advisors

Estate Planning Lunch-n-Learns with Gary Altman, Esq. of Altman & Associates

The relationship between estate planning lawyers and financial advisors (of all types – CFPs, investment advisors, insurance professionals, CPAs and other financial consultants) is critically important when it comes to client service.  While our fields are related, our areas of expertise are uniquely complicated, each requiring specific, high-level education/training/experience.  While one may have a general understanding of a variety of financial, tax and estate planning topics, without special training and education, it’s impossible to know them in depth.  After all, dentists know what they know about teeth.  Mechanics know what they know about cars.  And I know what I know about estate planning and gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes…and, ok, wine and brick oven pizza.

When a client comes to me with a financial question that is outside of my wheelhouse, I ask myself, “Who do I know that could best answer this question?” One of the many benefits to having been in business for so long is that we have built an extensive list of trusted connections in a host of financial-related fields.  I take comfort in knowing that within minutes, I can have the ear of one of these fine professionals and get answers to important questions.  Similarly, I am honored that they come to me when estate-related concerns come up.

In an effort to continue building upon our prized industry relationships, I schedule regular “Lunch-n-Learns” with financial advisors in my local area, Washington, DC.  Depending on the group/company’s preference, we may spend the lunch hour doing any combination of the following:

–       Discussing estate planning topics of particular interest to them (i.e. “Beneficiary Designations”)

–       Reviewing current estate planning laws (both State and Federal)

–       Discussing how to maximize client relationships by providing estate planning advice and referrals.

–       Sharing real life case studies (i.e. What has and hasn’t worked with clients and their advisors regarding estate plans)

–       Q&A

Our main goals with these Lunch-n-Learns – aside from providing a great lunch – are simple:  1.  We want our local network of financial advisors to feel confident in their understanding of how estate and financial planning work together and 2.  We want them to feel equally confident that we will treat their referrals with the expert care and service they deserve.

To discuss scheduling a Lunch-n-Learn at your firm, please contact Liz at

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