What We Do Every Day...It's Far From Boring

The legal profession is often perceived as being stiff or boring.  Yes, our days do involve complex legal documents, meetings and long hours, but there is a reason we are passionate about our work here at Altman & Associates.  Every day, we have the privilege of:

  • Ensuring that orphans will be raised by loving, healthy adults, chosen by their own parents.
  • Helping parents and grandparents pass their family business and legacy to the next generation.
  • Safeguarding family and financial matters, keeping beneficiaries insulated from gossip and predators.
  • Keeping pets from being let out the back door or abandoned to shelters.
  • Empowering people to protect those that they love most in the entire world.
  • Protecting hard earned assets from taxes, creditors, predators, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.

That's what I call fulfilling work.
-  Gary Altman, Esq.

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