“My Health Care Wishes” App: Accessing Important Documents Just Got Easier!

Smart phones seem to have it all.  You can now add accessing important legal documents to the list!

Instead of making arrangements through multiple people, tracking down a hidden safe in the basement, or rummaging through boxes of old documents, you can open an app to find what you need!

For example, in an emergency situation, when you need to access a Power of Attorney, whether it is your own or a loved ones, you are literally just one click away.

Skeptical of security?  Already covered.  The app stores the documents on your smart phone, rather than in a cloud or in another type of service with less security.

You can store the documents for an elderly parent or other relative.  The documents can be emailed instantly to the health care provider who needs them.  This is particularly important in emergency situations and can make the difference in life or death situations.

Imagine you are in the grocery store.  You get a call from the hospital because they found the Altman & Associates Agent Card in your loved ones’ wallet.  You can send them the documents they need right from your phone.

The “My Health Care Wishes Pro” version can be purchased from the app store for only $3.99.  The “Pro” version allows you to store an unlimited number of documents for multiple people.  After filling out your personal information, you can add other contacts and upload documents.

Each family member can have his or her own profile on your app so that you can keep track of everyone’s information in one place.

The app contains additional sections that permit you to store other important details.  You can list information such as health care providers, insurance information, emergency contacts and the location of the hard copies of each item listed.

When you come to Altman & Associates to execute your documents, let us know if you would like our assistance in setting up the app on your phone.  We can help you download the documents, store the information, and easily access them when you leave.

The app is not a commercial app and is run by the American Bar Association.  More information on this app can be found here.

-  Aubrey Mirkin, Associate

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