In Honor of Memorial Day

This weekend, and always, we are grateful for the sacrifice of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  Below are some ways to show your support, and honor the fallen and their families this Memorial Day.

-  The Altman Team

1. Thank a veteran, in person, on Twitter, or via Facebook.

2. Visit a military museum, memorial, or historic site.

3. Place an American flag or flowers on the gravestone of a veteran.

4. Upload an image of the American flag onto your Twitter and/or Facebook profile page for the day.

5. Observe the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 PM, local time, for 1 minute.

6. Educate our children as to why Memorial Day is important.

7. Wear your patriotic spirit proudly: badges, pins, shirts, hats, etc.

8. Post a tribute at the Gold Star Family Registry.

9. Post a message to the troops at the USO Website.

9. Share experiences with veterans at Make The Connection.

10. Fly your flag at half staff until noon and/or fly the POW/MIA flag.

11. Get involved with volunteer work to help the troops and their families at the National Resource Directory.

12. Show your appreciation on Twitter and comment with these hash tags:

  • #memorialday
  • #veterans
  • #military
  • #USA
  • #thankavet
  • #honorourvets
  • #memorialdayweekend
  • #usmilitary

13. Visit a Veterans hospital, or send a Care package to one.

14. Send a “Thank You” card to a Wounded Warrior via the Wounded Warrior Facebook page.

15. Set-up a Team USO Webpage at the Team USO Website.

16. Learn about your Military at the OurMilitary Website.

17. Send a Care package to a troop with Operation Gratitude.

18.  Connect with overseas soldiers on the Adopt a US Soldier website.

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