Year-End Tax Saving Strategies

A recent series by Smart Money highlights several ways to cut your tax bill, including selling investment losers and giving to charity.  Links to the two-part series are below.  As always, contact us with tax related questions specific to your assets and estate plan before making any decisions.

Part 1:  Year-End Tax Moves

-       Game the Standard Deduction

-       Prepay Deductible Expenditures if You Itemize

-       Deduct Sales Taxes on Major Year-end Purchases if You Itemize

-       Pre-pay College Tuition

Part 2:  More Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies

-       Sell Loser Stocks Held in Taxable Accounts

-       Set Up Loved Ones to Pay 0% Tax Rate on Investment Income

-       Convert Traditional IRA into Roth IRA

-       Give to Charities

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