A Message to Those With Young Families

One of the silver linings of being snowed in for several days is that, with schools and many offices closed, many families get extra quality time together. Board games, snowball fights, baking cookies, hot chocolate by the fire...Time slows down when there's nowhere to rush off to. As adults, we know that these snow days often become some of our favorite childhood memories.

Before the grind returns (and we all know it will), I urge you to use this opportunity to enjoy your families. Enjoy the cozy moments. As a father of two adult children, I can assure you that one day all too soon, you'll miss the snowsuits and gloves thrown about. You'll miss the snow being tracked through the house and the cookie crumbles all over the kitchen counter.

With all of this in mind, I must urge you to do one more thing before your regular, busy schedule ensues. After you have tucked the kids in tonight, take a moment to read this article, "Estate Planning for Young Families." It's a quick read dedicated helping parents understand the many important (and lesser-known) functions that estate planning serves and the reasons it should be done early and often. We are here to answer any questions you might have about it.

Download a PDF copy of "Estate Planning for Young Families" here.

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