Maryland Residents Can Now Have Wine Shipped to Them

As an avid wine drinker and collector, I was delighted to learn that for the first time ever Maryland residents are now legally allowed to order and receive wine to their doorsteps.  In other words, a winery in California, Washington State, Virginia, Oregon, New York or any place else can ship wine directly to a Maryland resident.  While there is some permitting that is required before a winery can do this, this is an historic move by the Maryland legislature.  Wine shops and wine of the month clubs are still prohibited from shipping wine directly to a Maryland resident.

From time to time, I will post blog entries about wine and wine laws, not because this has anything to do with estate planning (other than how does a wine collector dispose of his wine collection at his death), but because I have a long-standing and deep love for wine, especially those of France (Bordeaux and Alasce-Lorriane) and the North Fork of Long Island, New York.

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