Reasons Financial Professionals Should Concern Themselves with Estate Planning

  1. Set yourself apart - Distinguish yourself from competitors by providing greater expertise and resources.
  2. Get a broader perspective - Estate planning requires clients to pull together complete asset information, allowing for better advice and consolidation.
  3. Superior service - Highly informed advisors can identify more unmet client needs and offer the ideal products and services to meet them.
  4. Legacy creation - Estate plans help clients create a legacy for loved ones or charitable causes.
  5. Better wealth preservation - Estate plans can integrate asset protection, tax avoidance, insurance for liquidity or wealth replacement, and help clients cope with nursing home costs, death taxes and other significant monetary drains.
  6. Improved wealth management - Estate plans can manage assets for the benefit or protection of the next generation – i.e., by stretching out retirement plans.
  7. Establish lasting relationships – If you're part of an estate planning team, you can build relationships with you clients' families and provide services for generations to come.
  8. Become the trusted advisor – When you serve your clients best interests in a number of different ways, you take on the roll of trusted advisor to the family.
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