Feel Good Friday: My Experience Volunteering with Homestretch

As a member of the Financial Planning Association's NextGen community, I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer with Homestretch - a local organization focused on addressing the root cause of homelessness for individual families and working to reverse it.  

Many Homestretch clients are single mothers who have become homeless while trying to escape an abusive environment.   The goal is to help them gain stability and self-sufficiency.  Homestretch provides housing, food, tutors, and financial counselors who assist the women with rebuilding their credit so they are able to eventually rent or even buy their own homes.

Yesterday, along with fellow NexGen members/Financial Planners from FJY Financial and Yeske Buie, we repainted an apartment in Falls Church.  A family that had recently graduated from the Homestretch program moved out and a new family will be moving in.

I am very grateful to NexGen for providing us with such a rewarding volunteer opportunity and to my fellow Altman team members for supporting our efforts!

-  Aubrey Mirkin

Members of the NexGen team volunteering with the Homestretch organization.
Members of the NexGen team volunteering with the Homestretch organization.
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